We all know we should be growing, right?

Sometimes our spiritual lives can be very abstract and we all know that we should be growing in our faith, but what does that even mean? Spiritual growth is this churchy language we throw around and sometimes we just nod along as though we know what that actually means but do we? What does spiritual growth look like? Is it measurable? Is it possible?

We believe it is and our “grow series” that’s running until the end of October is a challenge for all of us to recommit ourselves to the all-important, eternity-shaping work of GROWTH. May we look back and be able to say with confidence that we have discovered the tools to help us grow closer to God and more like Jesus.

This is more than being in a close relationship with Jesus. It’s more than having information or knowledge about Him. This is about how much of that information and exposure to Jesus-things has filtered down into the day to day aspects of your life and your character. If you are growing spiritually then you will see a change in yourself and more importantly, others should see a change in you. When we grow, we allow God to shape us into the people He destined us to be and we position ourselves to be used by Him to change the world.